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A Wide World of Arizona Kitchen Countertop Materials

By TileExperts on Oct 15 in Countertops.

There an uncountable number of gorgeous homes in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, and the most sought-after have beautifully redone kitchens. While popular granite kitchen countertops will always be a classic style with excellent durability, there are plenty of other countertop materials that are making kitchen updates look stylish and upscale in AZ.

Soapstone is naturally grey and darkens with age. A soft natural stone, soapstone can be scratched or dented, but can also be easily sanded or oiled back to a beautiful finish. Soapstone kitchen countertops are sturdy and offer a smooth matte finished look.

Recycled glass kitchen countertops are an environmentally friendly choice, and can be found in an almost endless variety of colors. With a resealing every few years, kitchen countertops of recycled glass can last for decades.

Slate’s naturally uneven surface makes every piece unique, and it hides wear and tear more easily than polished stone surfaces. With a matte, casual-looking finish, slate brings a more earthy appeal to kitchens. Slate kitchen countertops clean easily with soap and water, and naturally resist bacteria build up.

Quartz is a scratch resistant, easy to care for, and plentiful natural stone. It comes in a wide variety of colors and does not need to be sealed. Quartz kitchen countertops have a slightly more unique look than the granite that has become more common.

Whichever type of kitchen countertop you choose, contract with a professional Arizona tile installation company to ensure that your kitchen counter installation is a perfect match for your dreams.