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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects can you do?

Right Tile professional installers can complete any tile project for your home. These include but are not limited to: floors, walls, kitchen counters and backsplash, bathtubs and showers, fireplaces, patios, barbeques, and more.  Visit the gallery of complete projects on this website for further assurance of unique designs and quality workmanship.

What types of materials do you work with?

Right Tile can work with any tile type. These include but are not limited to: natural stone, granite, marble, ceramic, travertine, slate, handmade tiles, mosaics, and more.  Visit the gallery of completed projects on this website for examples of the varied materials that can be used to produce the one-of-a-kind project for your home.

Will you help me design the project? Can I design the project myself?

Right Tile has experienced professional craftsman that can help you design your tile project to be unique, interesting, and fit your budget. If you prefer to design your own look, Right Tile craftsman will professionally prepare, install and finish the project to your specifications.

Can I purchase my own tile?

Right Tile will work with the tile that you have selected. If you prefer, professional assistance is available to select and purchase tile that fits your budget.

How long does installation take?

Projects vary in complexity and detail. Right Tile professionals will provide a projected completion schedule to you before the work starts.

Is the prep work included in the price?

Yes. Quality, professional preparation is an important part of any tile project.  Right Tile professionals will not cut corners in this important area. The preparation work will be completed to the highest professional standards before the tile work begins.

Why do prices vary?

Tile projects are often a significant feature and focal point in a home.  They can add not only beauty, but value and appeal.  The investment in such a visible attribute should be considered carefully.  There is a wide array of project materials available, as well as a large number of tile installers who are willing to sacrifice quality preparation and installation in order to provide a lower price.  When considering a project that will be prominent aspect of your home for years to come, it is wise to consider all aspects beyond just the least expensive means of obtaining it

Can we cut back to lower the price?

Right Tile professionals can provide objective guidance on materials and designs that will both produce a beautiful finished project and meet your particular budget. Our professional installers will not cut corners on materials, preparation or installation. A successful, beautiful finished project requires that the highest standards be maintained, and there is no reason to compromise those standards. A tile project can be designed and completed to fit any budget.

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