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Choosing Custom Tile Materials to Fit Your Lifestyle

By TileExperts on Feb 29 in Custom Tile.

There are so many opportunities in your home to express your individual style. Perhaps one of the most fun is any project that requires custom tile installation. In Arizona, custom tile installation requires experience with the local climate. From floors to countertops, fireplace hearths and surrounds, to accent walls, kitchen backsplash, and furniture, the tile choices and style choices are endless.

For classic good looks and durability, granite and marble tiles make an elegant statement. In a large array of natural colors, you can choose slabs or tiles in many different sizes. Colors and sizes can be combined to create a custom tile high-end decorative look.

For modern edge or modern elegance, glass tiles offer a wide variety of colors and sizes that can be used to express your funky side. Glass tiles offer stunning color choices and reflective, sparkly surfaces that you just cannot get with other types of tiling materials. The large selection of glass tiles means you can find a beautiful combination to pair with classic stone or wild ceramics.

For all-out eclectic fun, look to ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. Already available in a literally endless variety, these tiles can also be custom-made to your exact specifications. Ceramic tile and porcelain tile come in colors, patterns, designs, and sizes that will make your custom tile project as unique as you are.