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Does Preparation Matter in Arizona Tile Installation?

By TileExperts on Oct 30 in Custom Tile.

Not only does proper preparation matter in tile installation, it is critical to the successful outcome of the project. During the economic crisis of recent years, many Arizona tile installation companies slashed their prices to attract more business. This has been especially true in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, where the housing market was severely hit.

For a professional tile installation company to lower their price, something has to “give” in their service. It might be that they lost their more experienced tile installation crew to a higher paying competitor, so now can afford to hire cheaper, less experienced laborers. It could be that they cut corners in preparation methods and materials in order to shave back the cost of the job. Whatever the reason, choosing an artificially low bid for tile installation is going to result in a less professional tile installation.

Since tile installations of all types – tile countertops, tile floors, tile mosaics, tile backsplashes – are often THE focal point in a home, it makes sense to have the best tile installation possible. This is accomplished by combining superior materials and methods with seasoned tile professionals. Right Tile is committed to the best possible professional tile installation, including proper preparation.