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The Beauty of Tile Mosaics in Arizona

By TileExperts on Dec 11 in Custom Tile.

Indoors or outdoors in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, beautiful tile mosaics are part of the architecture and character of the desert southwest. Building a mosaic in your home or business – a picture or decorative design by setting small colored pieces of stone or tile into a surface – takes professional tile installation skills. Professional tile installers understand the preparation and installation details that will make an attention-grabbing feature mosaic not only stand out but also stand the test of time.

One of the most common indoor areas for tile mosaics is the kitchen backsplash. Creating tile mosaics from ceramic tile, glass tile, or porcelain tile adds a distinctive element to the kitchen and brings visitors’ focus directly to the heart of the room. Tile mosaics are also found indoors on the wall or floor of entryways, as well as in great rooms that showcase expansive walls and floors.

More and more, tile mosaics are found in bathrooms and showers on the walls and floors and can be used to create visual interest and depth in small spaces without windows.

Outdoors, and tile mosaics featured on property walls help define the owner’s unique sense of style and add a landmark that helps visitors reach their destination. Tile mosaics also help define outdoor spaces when used on patio floors, outdoor rooms, and cabanas. They create both dimension and drama whether the outdoor space is large or small.

There are any number of tile mosaic patterns that are pre-assembled and ready to be included in your tile project. But some of the most exciting tile mosaics are those created by the tile installers themselves using the colors, patterns, and textures of the project tiles. Creating unique tile mosaics is true artistry and a special endeavor for any tile installation company.

Whether you are looking to add charm, drama, texture, or focal point to your tile project, including a tile mosaic is a unique and satisfying way to make a statement.