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Uses for Travertine Tile in Arizona

By TileExperts on Sep 17 in Custom Tile.

Travertine tile is beautiful and versatile, similar to limestone tile but not actually limestone. Tile installers in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas have created some spectacular tile installations using travertine for both indoor tile installation and outdoor tile installation.

Travertine tile can be found in a variety of light colors from white to cream to tan, and often has natural striations – streaks and concentric markings – that make it unique and interesting. There may even be holes and coarse texture in some types of travertine. The holes may also be honed and filled to create an even smoother surface.

Travertine tile can be finished in polished, matte, brushed, or textured, creating a wide variety of uses. The shiny, polished travertine tiles are often used in kitchen and bathroom designs and flooring in non-wet areas, while the rougher brushed and tumbled finishes work well outdoors as pavers, patios, and wall cladding.

Travertine is susceptible to discoloration and a sealant may be needed if the tile installation is in an area where the stone may come into contact with acidic liquids. Professional tile installation companies will discuss the use of travertine tile in your project before it is started.