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What is Slip Resistance Factor in Tile Ratings?

By TileExperts on Dec 27 in Custom Tile.

Almost all glazed tiles are rated for their slip resistance or skid resistance. The rating is done in several ways including coefficient of friction (COF), German Institute for Standardization (DIN), and Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI). Each type of rating helps to determine the fitness of a tile for a particular purpose: wet areas or dry areas, residential use or commercial use, sloped surface, or flat surface. The ratings measure not only slip resistance but also tile wear due to abrasive foot traffic.

While it is important to understand that no tile is completely slip-proof, the ratings do help homeowners judge whether a tile installation will have an appropriate slip resistance in the project area. It is simple to imagine that tile used on bathroom floors or near pools would need to consider a wet, barefoot coming into contact. It is equally important to consider the types of tile used for kitchen floors, high-traffic areas, commercial properties, and any environment where the pathway is not flat.

In Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, tile installations one of the simplest ratings to understand is a class rating, which can be based on any of the standards listed above.

  • Group 0: Appropriate for walls only; no foot traffic
    Tiles may be used for decorative wall use only, not suitable for foot traffic of any type.
  • Group 1: Recommended for wall use or very light traffic areas
    Tiles may be used on interior walls, countertops, or bathroom floors that have very light foot traffic and no direct access to outdoor elements.
  • Group 2: Suitable for most indoor residential floors with light traffic
    Tiles may be used where foot traffic is minimal such as bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and sunrooms. Not advisable for kitchens, entryways, or stairs.
  • Group 3: Ideal for all residential floors with moderate traffic
    Tiles may be used for floors carrying normal foot traffic such as kitchens, outdoor entryways, and hallways.
  • Group 4: Great for residential, light-medium commercial with moderate to heavy traffic
    Tiles may be used for heavy residential or moderate commercial areas such as home outdoor patios, small lobbies, restaurants, commercial kitchens, hotel rooms, or exhibition halls.
  • Group 5: Use for all residential and most commercial
    Tiles may be used for all residential and most commercial applications including airports, shopping centers, supermarkets, hotel foyers, outdoor walkways, and industrial applications areas.

Professional tile installers, such as Right Tile, will help guide you to the right classification of tile for your tile project.